Earlier this summer we expanded the warming hut at the Sibley Trails, but there is some finish work still to be done. We have to install two stoves, the stove pipe, and complete some trim work. We also are working with the Forest Service on replacing two bridges that are presently just logs stacked across the streams. If we can get enough help we will split up and tackle all of this in one day. That should be it for improvements for a while.

If we could get four volunteers to work on the hut and maybe another four people at each of the two bridges, we should be able to complete the work in a day. One bridge is located at the upper end of the Tie Hack trail close to junction J; the other is on the Prune Creek Trail about a mile from the lake. We skidded in the timbers for the bridges this spring and the decking will be brought in with ATVs and trailers.

We are planning these activities for Saturday September 9th. Please send me an email if you are interested in helping. Completing the hut is a priority, and if we don’t get enough help the bridges will have to wait, but it would be great to get this all done!