The Sibley and Cutler trails are maintained by membership dues and donations to the Black Mountain Nordic Club Inc. Operating under a Volunteer Agreement with the USFS.

 If you enjoy using the trails please join today!  Your support will ensure these trails will continue to exist and be maintained!




Clint and I took the new drag up to Cutler and pulled it around all the trails Tuesday evening and then took it to Sibley and pulled it around some of the trails there. Hermes and Matt D groomed the rest of Sibley tonight with it.  The drag flattens and helps level the trails, it did Cutler a lot of good and Sibley as well taking out a lot of bumps and irregularities in the trail.  The more we use it the smoother the trails will be.  We were working with old snow so it will be interesting how it works on new snow.  Hermes reported that the trails are not the greatest right now.


The weather this weekend is going to be warm so expect icy conditions in the morning, especially sunny areas, and warm spring time conditions mid-day on.  


We asked if WYDOT could plow the shoulder on the side of the highway across from the parking lot for overflow parking and they have started doing so.  They ask that if you park there, make sure you park past the white line so you are clear of the driving lane, for safety.


It was brought to my attention that there is no newspaper or matches at the warming hut.  If you are going up and have some free space in your pack could you please take some newspapers? And if anyone would like to donate a box of matches that would be great!


The chili feed is next Saturday at the warming hut at 11:00-2:00.


Happy trails,