Thanks to your rockin' volunteer groomers, there'll be skiing, snowshoeing and fatbiking all over the world (or at least the county) this weekend!

South Park

(just off Brundage Lane west of Sheridan Avenue in Sheridan)

The trail has been dragged and packed, and the skate lane has been smoothed and widened.

Cutler Hill Nordic Trails

Cutler trails have been packed, dragged and rolled. Gorgeous powder! If you can make it up for first tracks today, it will really be the cat's meow!

Sibley Lake Nordic Trails

Sibley trails will be groomed and tracks set this afternoon.

A note to fatbikers - Snow is powdery, very dry and loose, so you may consider waiting a day or so to let things set up. In any case, remember to steer clear of the set ski tracks and let some air out of your tires if you're digging a rut. To quote the famous Jordan LeDuc - "When in doubt, let air out!"