It was great to see so many young people turn out for last week’s Moonlight Ski! Thanks to the BMNC volunteers who helped pull off another fun event.

Cold temps have helped us preserve most of our snow pack despite a lack of significant new precipitation, but evaporation from the extremely low humidity has still taken a toll. If Mama Nature delivers on the 11-17 inches of new snow in the forecast, we’ll be in great shape leading up to our Learn to Ski and Snowshoe event on March 3!

Sibley Lake Nordic Trails

Groomers rolled and set tracks Wednesday night on all trails with the exception of the steep portions of Blue Creek. Trails are hard packed with a skiff of new snow. Cold temps are keeping the hard ice from forming so the trails are in decent shape. Some fresh snow would be perfect, so please do whatever ceremony is necessary for that.

Cutler Hill Nordic Trails

WOW, Cutler is seeing a lot of usage this year! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the awesome new vistas of the inner Bighorns to the west and our club namesake Black Mountain to the south. All trails were rolled
Tuesday evening and are ready for canine shenanigans!

South Park

South Park was rolled and spiffed up early this week. The snow is a bit thin, so no tracks were set this week.

South Park is perfect for a quick outing when you just don't have time for a run up the mountain, or to practice your skills if you're just learning to ski.