• Be sure the grips and the plastic end with the basket are tight on the pole shaft.
  • Check the straps for cuts or wear spots that could cause the straps to break
  • 3 pin boots: Check the condition of the pin holes. If they are enlarged or torn to the point they are loose in the binding, and if you have ever had the ski tear loose from the boot, think about upgrading to newer styles of boots & bindings.
  • Check laces on boots.
  • Check for any cracking or delaminating of the sole.
  • Be sure the bindings are tight on the skis. If they are loose, tighten the screws. If the screws keep coming loose, back the screw out, put some epoxy in the hole and reinstall the screw.
  • Check the ski base for any delaminating of the plastic ski base from the core. This is not a fixable condition, so look for a new pair of skis.
  • The smooth tip and tail areas of the the base need to be hot-waxed with a glide wax periodically to protect the ski base and make the ski glid better. This applies to waxable and no-wax skis.
  • Wax your skis every 3 to 4 outings, or if the base material gets a dry, white appearance. There are products available to spray on the pattern or grip area of no-wax skis to make them glide better and resist icing. Check your local ski shop.
  • Dress in layers. No cotton!
  • Gloves should be insulated and sleek.