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The Sibley and Cutler trails are maintained by member due and donations of the Black Mountain Nordic Club Inc. Operating under a special use agreement with the USFS. Your support will ensure these trails will continue to exist and be maintained.  If you enjoy using the trails please join today! Greetings,   We are planning [...]

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Greetings,   Sorry I was unable to send out a trail report last week.  If you have Charter email and are using Microsoft Word you know email doesn’t work anymore.  I will be using this Gmail address for the foreseeable future.   Tom packed Cutler today and Hermes and I did Sibley.  We set tracks [...]

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Greetings,   We did some work on the Sibley trails this afternoon and plan on finishing up tomorrow.   The base is good with about 2” of new snow, but there are some rocks and stumps showing through, so if you venture out use caution.   Most the trails are pretty good.  We have not set any [...]

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Greetings,   Last weekend’s work day only had 4 volunteers show up but we got quite a bit accomplished.  We got everything done except Tie Hack which I may try and finish up in the next couple weeks.  I would like to thank the people that helped and Julie Davidson for having the Learning Outdoors [...]

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  Greetings,   Tom, Steve and I got both Sibley and Cutler buffed into shape after what looked like 6-8” of new snow.  We groomed everything except Cat Walk and the Blue Creek Loop, just the meadow.  The trails are really nice and skiing in the morning, early, will be the best.  Sunday there is [...]

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Greetings   Curt just called from the mountain.  The groomers spent the afternoon and evening trying to knock down about 18” of new snow.  Curt said in his 35 years of grooming, he’s never seen the snow pack at this level.  Be sure to watch out for what are now low hanging branches.  The trails [...]

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Greetings,   Below is a message I received on a lost item:   We will probably groom one more time as the trails are supposed to get up to a foot of snow this week and temperatures are to remain on the cool side.  The last weekend of the month, I think would be a [...]

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Greetings,   Clint and I rolled all of Sibley and Cutler tonight with the exception of the Blue Creek Loop past the meadow. There was 15-20” of snow in this weeks storm but it has settled a bunch.  There is as much or more snow than I have ever seen on the trails before.   [...]

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Greetings,   I just got back from grooming.  I did not do anything at Cutler as there was about 1” of new snow.  I pulled the Ginzu around all of Sibley except Tie Hack and Blue Creek Loop I did set track on the meadow.   It was cloudy and snowing lightly when I left [...]

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Greetings,   Tim from Camp Bethel reported at 10:00 am today they have 15” of new snow.  The low tonight is supposed to be around -15F but warming to +16 tomorrow.  I am banking on the temps on the mountain to moderate in the early morning as we are going up about 7:00 and knock [...]

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